NYC Terror Attack: Sayfullo Saipov’s Wife Denies Knowledge of Terror Attack

    Suspect Sayfullo Saipov is accused of murdering 8 people in Manhattan. His wife, Nozima Odilova, denied any knowledge of her husband’s planned attack. According to a close source of Odilova, she seemed “shocked and horrified and scared and sad” after the FBI and New Jersey police officers came to her Paterson home. Their neighbor, Carlos Batista, recalls Saipov driving a Home Depot pickup truck on their block with no materials aboard. Batista confided the Washington Post, “They didn’t even have one piece of wood in there, and that’s what I found a little suspicious.”


    It was reported that Saipov rented the Home Depot truck numerous times before to practice making swift turns for the day of the attack.  Saipov has confessed that he has been planning this attack for over a year. People who know Sayfullo Saipov would have never expected this of him, just being an average father of three young children. Altana Dimitrovska, a neighbor in their complex, was surprised by the news; however, she never saw Saipov go to work. While authorities are digging deeper into the situation, families mourn for the deaths of their loved ones.




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