Second Presidential Debate

    The Second Presidential Debate occurred on October 9, 2016 at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. This debate took form of a town meeting, half of the questions being asked by the moderator based on public interest, and the other half being asked directly by citizens. From then, the candidates had 2 minutes each to respond. The participants at the town meeting were claimed to be uncommitted voters by the Gallup Organization. This debate began with volatile ambushes and ended with an unexpected twist of compassion when an audience member asked the candidates to complement each other. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said that she commended the Trump children. Businessman, Donald Trump, said that Hillary was “a fighter.”

    Throughout most of the debate, Trump was constantly asked questions about his finances and treatment towards females. While Trump acknowledged the fact that he had not paid federal income taxes, he called his tape talking about sexual assault “locker room talk.” Switching sides, Clinton’s email scandal was brought up. Trump said that if he was president he would make sure to hire a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s case. Clinton went on to say that she has more experience politically than Trump and that he “owes our country an apology.”

    As always, supporters of Trump and supporters of Hillary took to social media to express their thoughts on the second debate. Supporters of Clinton claimed that she was knowledgable and present no matter the topics thrown at her. Supporters of Trump believe that Clinton’s response to her emails was not up to par and her Abraham Lincoln defense was absurd. However, supporters of Trump believed that the debate was very bias. The moderator was debating with Trump, and letting Hilary go even a minute over her elapsed time, not letting Trump do the same. As election day comes closer, we hope that these debates will help citizens realize who the best candidate is. No matter what your political stance is, don’t forget to tune in on October 19th for the Third Presidential Debate!



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